Trillion-dollar Tesla


Hark, all ye who pay attention to the stock market, for Elon Musk’s wheels-focused company broached the $1 trillion market cap threshold today.

Yeah, it finally happened, so the Equity team quickly scrambled for the microphones. Chris put together the show, allowing Alex and Kirsten to dive into the matter. Kirsten, in case you aren’t familiar with her, is TechCrunch’s transportation editor — her crew handles everything that moves under its own power for the team. She’s tremendous.

Aside from the obvious market cap point, we got into:

  • What news drove Tesla higher today, leading to its new valuation record?
  • How is Tesla’s overall financial performance looking?
  • Has the model mix at the company changed over time?
  • And, because Alex was curious, why Telsa cars all look the same when will the Cybertruck will come to market?

In short, it was a very fun Twitter shot. Cheers, and Equity is back Wednesday with our regular programming.

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