Sweat evaporator could power fitness trackers, supersonic slap cooks a chicken – Physics World


Cool running: the new blue material absorbs sweat six times faster and holds 15 times more moisture than conventional materials, and it turns pink when saturated. (Courtesy: National University of Singapore)

If you have resolved to get more exercise in 2021, researchers in Singapore have just the fabric for you. They have invented a new material that allows skin to evaporate sweat six times faster than normal fabrics – and it also stores 15 times more moisture. What is more, the material can generate electrical energy from the sweat it has captured.

It was created by Tan Swee Ching, Ding Jun and colleagues at the National University of Singapore – perhaps not surprising given the city’s hot and humid climate. As well as reducing odours and infections associated with excess sweating, the material could power wearable electronic devices such as watches and fitness trackers.

Above is a finite element analysis simulation that purports to show that you can cook a chicken by slapping it at 3725.95 mph (about 6000 km/h). What puzzles me is that the chicken appears to be vapourized by the slap, whereas the hand only appears to break into several pieces. Surely a human hand is not significantly stronger than a chicken?

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