Simple Secrets to Better Dog Care


Owning a dog means developing a wonderful relationship with an incredible animal. Unfortunately, it also means a whole lot of work, expensive obligations, and confusing decisions. Never fear, because we’re here to help! Below, you’ll find some great tips for improving your dog’s life-and your own, too!

Embrace the Delivery Economy

These days, it seems like everything is being delivered. From video games to groceries, the US a nation that’s grown used to logging onto a website or an app to get things that our parents and grandparents once traveled to the store for. Some things, though, may feel strange to buy online: Those aforementioned groceries, for instance. And what about dog food?

Shake off those misgivings! Trust us: Embracing the wonderful world of doorstep delivery will make your life as a dog owner much, much easier. Hauling around heavy bags of dog food is a pain, and the selection at your local pet shop won’t rival what you’ll find online. Plus, there are dog food subscription services out there that will deliver what you need on a regular schedule-meaning that you won’t have to remember to put anything on your shopping list. So sign up for a fresh dog food delivery service, and stop worrying!

Stock Some Backups

If you don’t use a dog food subscription service and you forget to pick up a bag of Fido’s favorite from the local store, then you’re going to be frustrated. Finding yourself without a dog care essential means making a last-minute trip to the store, and that stinks. So do yourself a favor: Keep some extra supplies on hand. You can pour some dog food into a sealable container-if your Tupperware is too small (and it definitely is), you can just use a big storage tub or something similar (airtight storage is best). It’s not just food, though! Keep backups of everything that you might find yourself frustrated to be without. From extra waste bags to a spare leash, it pays to have a safety net.

Assemble Your Team

You’re the most important person in your dog’s life, but you can’t care for your pup alone. You’ll need help along the way from veterinarians, dog walkers, and others. So get organized, and assemble your team. Put contact information in one place, and make sure that you’ve vetted your vet and given your obedience school a once-over. Choose the best of the best, and then (this is the important part) make sure that you lean on them properly. Head to the vet at least once every six months, work with a dog trainer often, and establish a relationship with a reliable dog walker who will help you get out of the house guilt-free. Don’t forget the groomer, either-good grooming is important to your dog’s health.

Train, Train, Train

One of the experts you’ll rely on is your dog trainer or obedience teacher. He or she is important because they’ll help shape the future behavior of your new best friend. And you have a responsibility, too: Make sure that you are keeping your dog trained up when school is not in session, and ask your obedience trainer to help you keep commands and other practices consistent. 

Training a dog can be a bit of a chore, but a few minutes of instruction can save you hours of behavior correction later on. Having a well-trained dog will improve your experience immensely, and it will lead to a better relationship between you and your furry friend. Remember, it’s not just about you! A poorly trained dog can scare friends and family members, fraying important relationships. 

More serious behavior problems could lead to personal and legal problems for you. Tragically, some dogs become dangerous without proper training. Others are given up for behaviors that their owners should have corrected, and then struggle to find new families because of those same problems. So while it might not always be fun to reprimand Rover or take time out for repetitive training, remember that your dog’s future will be brighter if you stick to it.

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