Russian Scientist Attempted to Create Human-Chimp Hybrid, But the Results Were an ‘Abomination’


Some people should never be advised to pursue their dreams. Hitler, for instance. Or anyone who desires to one day grows up, read science and produce a humanzee; the combination of a human and an ape.


(Photo : Morgan Maes)

Artificial Insemination by Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov 

Un-luckily, no one sat down Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov in his youthful age and told him to quit. Ilya born in 1890 was a Russian biologist who gained an incredible set of achievements in his adulthood studying science, which appeared to be artificial insemination. 

See, somebody’s got to make it happen, and Ilya was extremely good at removing and implanting horse semen. It was told that he could inseminate 500 mates with the semen of only one stallion, which is incredible in the aspect of both the horse and the Ilya.

As unavoidable when you’re at the prime of your profession, the mind begins to travel and search for fresh challenges that will keep you engaged. It’s likely something as kicking a slightly bigger ball for footballers. For Ilya, it was extracting the sperm of animals and inserting it into varios species to notice what will happen.

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The Making of Zedonk and Other Abominations

He gradually began, creating a donkey and a zebra called zedonk (that is from a zebra and a donkey), guinea pig and a mouse, a mouse and a rat, and abominations created from a cow and an antelope. 

Ilya told a meeting of zoologists in 1910, that he imagined it could be attainable to make a hybrid human-ape, sometimes now called as “humanzee”. At that period it was only hypothetical, like biologists of today assuming the possible appearances of aliens, or astronomers referring to a date when the space telescope of James Webb will be initiated. 

 Ilya didn’t have this dream first, and he wouldn’t be the one to have it last. Still practically speaking such a hybrid would be extremely impossible to make it to term, there have been affirmations on hybrid human-ape since after Ilya’s time. One of such animals was the chimpanzee called Oliver who walked upright and was praised by his advocates as a hybrid, that was until researchers demonstrated it not to be the case.


(Photo : Jose Almeida)

The Chance Finally Came

His opportunity ultimately came after the 1918 Russian revolution while working at the Pasteur Institute. It was in 1924 that he was permitted to experiment on the hybridization scheme of his fantasies. The man – who is the last scientist you would want to come close to chimpanzees – was instructed he could have access to all the chimpanzees he desired in a facility based on what was then called French Guinea

Remarkably- just because i can’t imagine how impressive you would have to be to say “can i have some cash i want to insert human spern in an ape” – the Soviet Financial Commission gave him $10,000 to carry out his work, before obtaining the authorization of senior members of the Bolshevik government as well as the Soviet Academy of Sciences. 

In his pitch, he emphasized that it was an experiment that could demonstrate Darwin’s theory as to how we are almost related to apes, which would be a blast against religion. It’s also likely that the Bolsheviks were eager on demonstrating what could be attained through genetics, which equips well with their idea of positive eugenics. 

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