Poacher Killed Black Bear Mother in Idaho, Cubs Could Possibly be Euthanized if Found


Another illegal poaching happened in Idaho, this time a black bear mother was separated from her cubs, and the three weans could possibly not stand a chance, either.

Black bear and her cub

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Illegal Poaching

It hurts to tell these type of stories. People that capture or kill animals illegally are the scum of the earth. For Outsider, the humans that can do this and similar cruel acts should be jailed. The latest poaching case that took place in Idaho is a primary instance of why.

Idaho Fish & Game are currently, asking for any guide on the unauthorized poaching of a bear sow – black in color – who was shot and killed close to Hills Resort.

A famous Priest Lake community located in North Idaho, Hills Resort also borders the living area of black bears. Sighting this animal is frequent for residents who are familiar with the bears. So immediately IGF officials discovered the female black bear lost her life and is decaying close to the resort, they had a clue of the bear that was a victim.

In August, IFG would reply to information regarding constant visits to Hills by a black bear sow and her three offspring. Through several weeks, the family would go in search for food, as curious black bears usually do, and show they are kind of scared of humans. This final detail is sad and important.

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The Black Bear’s Death

Initially, Fish & Game officials were successful in helping residents by safeguarding refuse cans and through ‘bear aware’ education programs. But following two serious attacks of pet dogs by the sow that was guiding her three cubs, IFG became aware the issue had gone out of control.

As September arrived, IFG would make effort to trap the family of the bear close to Hills Resort. If this is done, officials could evacuate the sow together with her cubs in the absence of any more harm to residents or the bears themselves. Sadly, the trapping wasn’t successful.

Reports of the bears would persist through the coming week. Later, on the 8th of September, local NBC News affiliate KHQ Q6 discloses shots from rifles were heard close to the dumpsters of Hills Resort.

On the 9th of September, IFG officials would locate the mother sow with a number of bullet wounds, lifeless and left to decay.

Black bear and her cub

(Photo : Getty Images)

The Missing Cubs

The cubs have not been sighted yet. Unfortunately, IFG is convinced there is a need for the trio to be euthanized. It is believed the cubs are to be too young to pull through the coming winter in the absence of their mother.

In a press release, Idaho Fish & Game said: “Although frustration with the bears among the local residents was entirely justified, the circumstances surrounding the poaching incident were dangerous for other citizens.” 

Also, IFG says “the use of artificial light and the waste of game are punishable wildlife crimes.” This gives a clue that artificial light may have been nearby in the poaching.

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