NY Officials to Visit Houses to Ensure Residents Sign Up for Federal Relief for Ida


After the heavy rain from the remnants of Hurricane Ida prompted dangerous flooding, city officials intend on going door to door to make sure New York residents receive the federal relief benefits that are needed, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio revealed on Monday.

Impact of Hurricane Ida

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Ida’s Impact

The announcement followed President Joe Biden approving a major disaster declaration for the region, which Chuck Schumer, New York Senator, referred to as “the fastest (he’s) seen a major disaster area declared.”

Schumer said: “That means that grants, not just loans, but grants can go to individuals to help make up for damage that they have here. It means the city can get reimbursed for all of its expenses, and it means that small businesses can get loans if they were hurt by this as well.”

In the Gulf Coast, Hurricane Ida caused landfall as a Category 4 storm the previous week which led to the destruction of homes and caused power outages that affected over a million people. More than one week following the event, close to 420,000 Louisiana’s customers were without power, as per PowerOutage.US.

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President Biden to Tour Impacts Ida Left Behind

By the time the storm got to the East Coast, it was just remnants that were remaining, but the impact was still dangerous – taking the lives of not less than 52 people across six states.

On Tuesday, President Biden plans on touring the impacts left behind in New Jersey and New York. He will be touring Hillsborough Township, New Jersey first, then a place in Queens, New York.

Places under the major disaster declaration are Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Richmond (Staten Island), and Westchester.

Calling the impact “absolutely heartbreaking,” Deanne Criswell who is FEMA’s Administrator said people that inhabit those counties will be fitted for federal assistance through FEMA.

Mayor Tom Murphy said for towns like Mamaroneck, New York the disaster declaration will be of help immediately. Hundreds of people in the region are still displaced from their houses and are currently living in shelters, Murphy said.

Effect of Hurricane Ida

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The Recovery Process

12 feet of water submerged some houses in the region, and in the aftereffect first responders succeeded in making more than 150 water rescues, Murphy said Monday.

Murphy told John King of CNN that the town is “still in the process of restoration and recovery” and official town workers gathered three months-worth of refuse in a day on Sunday. He said he expected almost the same levels of refuse everyday “for the next few days at least.”

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority disclosed that Tuesday morning will come with progress for residents of New York City as all subway lines will provide full service following the severe impacts of the storm. 

The Democratic candidate for Mayor of New York City said the storm and the dead stop it brought New York reveals that most cities are not ready to battle potential climate change

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