Michigan Poacher Who Hunted Three Bald Eagles and 18 Wolves Is Jailed, Fined, and Has Hunting License Indefinitely Revoked


A Michigan poacher who illegally hunted wildlife, including three bald eagles and 18 wolves, was jailed, fined, and had his hunting license and hunting privileges invalidated for life.


The man from Michigan pleaded guilty to multiple nature and wildlife crimes after a thorough investigation.

Upon being proven guilty of the illegal activities, the Michigan poacher lost – for his entire lifetime – the hunting privileges he previously enjoyed. He has been sentenced by the court to three months of jail time along with several fines.

Michigan Poacher who Hunted Three Bald Eagles and 18 Wolves is Jailed, Fined, and has Hunting License Indefinitely Revoked

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A Michigan poacher who illegally hunted wildlife, including three bald eagles and 18 wolves, was jailed, fined, and had his hunting license and hunting privileges invalidated for life.

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Illegal Wildlife Harvesting

The poacher illegally harvested several gray wolves which are classified as endangered, as well as bald eagles, a species that is currently protected. He also illegally hunted other wild animals.

The DNR or the Department of Natural Resources of Michigan announced the sentencing of Kurt Johnston Duncan last Wednesday. Since he has pleaded guilty to the crimes, the plea agreement influenced the sentence.

He pleaded guilty to seven offenses committed last September. He also pleaded guilty to the charges of three counts of gray wolf illegal possession, three counts of bald eagle illegal possession, as well as one count of illegal protected species commercialization, particularly of wolves.

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Findings of the Investigation

The accused (and convicted) was a 56-year old man from Pickford, Michigan, who was linked to and found guilty of 125 misdemeanors on wildlife over a period of 18 months.

The investigation, which took several months, found that he committed various wildlife criminal acts against bald eagles, wolves, deer, bobcat, and turkey. The investigation was conducted by DNR conservation Law Enforcement Division officers. According to the news outlet The Detroit News, he illegally hunted three bald eagles and 18 wolves.

Last May, the DNR officials issued a statement saying that according to Duncan, he trapped, hunted, and killed the creatures because he liked doing so and because he could. He also reportedly sold them, using them for crafts, or just disposed of them. He was arraigned last May in the 91st District Court of Chippewa County.


Duncan has now been stripped for the life of his trapping and hunting privileges within the Great Lakes Michigan State, and he is not allowed to assist other hunters, either. Because of the charges, he is similarly prohibited from hunting within the 48 states which form the IWVC or Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact.

He will serve jail time for 90 days with an 18- to 24-month probation. He has also been ordered to pay the following fines: reimbursement of $27,000 for illegally taking animals, and court costs and fees amounting to $9,240, for a total of $36,240.

All evidence and items confiscated by DNR officers in executing the search warrants, including snares and firearms, are forfeited.

Job Well Done

According to the DNR Law Enforcement Division Chief Gary Hagler, it is a historic case for their department and division. He says that they hope that the case serves to deter others from committing wildlife crimes. He commended his officers for doing excellent work and moving the case quickly.

This serves as a reminder that Michigan does not slouch against poacher activities and is serious about protecting bald eagles, wolves, and other wildlife, penalizing and revoking the hunting license of violators.

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