How Dogs Are Both an Amazing Blessing but Sometimes a Curse


Dogs are thought to be the purest kinds of creatures that can be your best friends as portrayed in many movies. True, they deserve all the love they get, sometimes more than humans! But there are several dangers associated with having a pet dog at home. Sometimes they can leave you in a depressed state or worse, a life-threatening situation! Before adopting a dog as a house pet reading this article to the end will help you know what you’re really in for.

Ups of Adopting Dogs

They Provide Genuine Love

Dogs are like those angelic creatures that provide you with the most genuine love without bias. Once you adopt them their life and all of their love is yours and yours alone. They are ready to protect you at all times and can be your best companions when you’re in distress. Whenever you enter your house, they’ll always be present to greet you and welcome you inside the house becoming the reason for your relive from fatigue.

Good Substitutes for humans

The people in your life may be ready to leave at one time in your life. They won’t be utterly loyal to you. They will try their best to hurt you than aid in providing you comfort. Humans can lie and do things to make you upset and regretful of you letting them in your life. However, dogs are very much better than humans if you think that they are your partners for the rest of their lives. They won’t leave you for someone else. They are truly pure and will never betray you. 

Make You Laugh

There can never be a dull moment in your life once you have a dog in your house. Dogs are the funniest animals on earth. They do funny tricks like playing with their tails, sniffing everything in their way, stick out their tongues through the car window. There are just so many things dogs do for humans to make them laugh to consider them a blessing. Not only that but they stop a person from crying or feeling upset by providing with endless cuddles.

Lows of Adopting Dogs

Double the Responsibilities

They say that ‘everything is fair in love and war’, but not everything can feel lovely even when you having an affectionate dog in your house. The number of responsibilities that you’re bombarded with can be a significant burden on you. There has to be regular feeding and cleaning. Taking them to checkups and caring for them when they’re ill. Sometimes you may be too tired to go about cleaning your dog. If you already have family and kids to take care of, housing a dog as well can make you fall into a depressed state.

Can Turn Out to Be Wild

A dog that may look like an angel sitting in a shelter; however, it can turn out to be a vicious animal once you take it home. You never know of what a dog is capable of until you start living with it. If it turns out to be a wild one, there will be an extra load of things to take care of inside and outside the house. When you become familiar with the habits of your pup and if it displays any wild ones, make sure to familiarize yourself with dog bite laws. These will come in handy in case your dog is to harm someone in the public while you’re unaware. You might as well hire a dog lawyer to defend you in court if the bitten person wrongfully blames you and your dog for it.

Difficult to Keep Up With the Costs

Even if you’re able to take up the responsibilities well, a dog’s associated costs can leave you in a broke state. Caring for its daily needs may have you spending money like water on food, toiletries, snacks, toys and much more. Taking it for checkups can also be a burden on your pocket. If your dog happens to become ill or upset at any time, it’ll need regular care by professionals leaving you with hefty bills to take care of. 

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