Electric Cars are Selling Like Hotcakes, Check What Brands Europeans are Getting!


Europe’s manufacturers appear to have stepped up to the plate to compete for the most successful electric vehicle brand on home turf. Let’s take a look at which brands have had the most success in Europe.

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3rd Quarter Report

Maplewood, Minnesota. Tesla car dealership. Tesla, Inc. is an American electric vehicle and clean energy company.

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Tesla (15.9%) narrowly edged out Volkswagen (15.5%) for the top rank in the third quarter, and the two companies are way ahead of the pack. In Europe, the Volkswagen Group stands out from the throng. People were interested to see how the Volkswagen brand would fare against other Volkswagen brands and the big dog from California. It performed admirably! Volkswagen came close to taking the top spot in a big quarter for the Americans!

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Home Court Advantage?

Granted, Volkswagen’s home turf in Europe, while Tesla reigns supreme in the United States (and China). Still, Teslas are in great demand worldwide, and the business has been selling electric vehicles in Europe for far longer than any MEB-platform EVs like the ID.3 and ID.4 have been planned – since the days when Diess was at BMW. So, for Volkswagen to be neck-and-neck with Tesla, it should make Diess and the other Volkswagen EV aficionados happy. It should also make anyone who claims Volkswagen can’t compete reevaluate.

It is not easy to get enthusiastic about other manufacturers when they’re so far behind Tesla and Volkswagen, but Hyundai (6.8%) and Renault (6.7%) belong in the second tier of top sales, much behind Tesla and Volkswagen but well ahead of the rest.

SKODA (5.3 percent), Kia (5.1 percent), Peugeot (5.1 percent), and Audi (4.8 percent) round out the top five.

No Significant Changes

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Things haven’t changed much, but there have been some shifts in position, notably at number one! In this situation, Volkswagen is 16,000 miles ahead of Tesla. With Tesla’s production allowing it to beat Volkswagen in Q3, one has to question if Tesla will be able to grab the trophy from Volkswagen in the end. With a 16,000-vehicle advantage and its ambitions for excellent end-of-year performance, that did not seem very likely. Volkswagen appears to be on track to win in 2021. What about the year 2022? Let’s see what happens!

On the other hand, Renault has little chance of catching Tesla but has nothing to fear from the manufacturers chasing it. In this specific brand competition, Renault will take home the bronze medal. However, it would be fantastic to see it, along with a few others, sell 100,000 BEVs in Europe next year.

Peugeot and Hyundai are tied for fourth place, and it’s evident that those two brands account for the majority of their total alliance ratings (Stellantis is in second place, just below Volkswagen Group, while the Hyundai-Kia pair is in fifth place, just behind the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance).

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