Contribute to nature: How is your Holiday with Nature House Helping the Planet?


Dear nature lovers, we have some great news! The Dutch online booking platform for holidays in nature is trying to stop climate change and save the world together with your help. How? For every night you spend in one of their homes, they are planting one tree! Want to know more? Visit their website and discover for yourself some of the most beautiful nature houses in all of Europe. 

What the company does with their tree planting initiative is crucial for our survival on the planet. Research on the topic of sustainability proves that planting trees is the most efficient and effective way to fight climate change. They are currently on the road to plant a million trees by 2021 – ambitious, but absolutely achievable. The numbers for 2018 show that the company managed to compensate more than half of all stays. Impressive, right? 

Much of the wildlife and biodiversity on the plant and threatened. This is why is choosing carefully where to plant trees, looking at the places where this will have the greatest impact on CO2 reduction and keeping the ecosystems alive and healthy. The countries where the trees are planted are all located on the African continent – Burkina Faso, Tanzania, and the island of Madagascar. 

Their last project is intended to protect the living environment of the birds that migrate to Africa for shelter and food. The birds are especially important for because they were part of the idea to start the company. The two founding brothers Tim & Luuk were looking for a hideaway place in Extremadura, Spain, to pursue their passion for bird watching. When they couldn’t find anything that is secluded from the holiday parks, they decided to fill that missing piece in the market. And this is how was born. 

How can you be part of their concept and contribute to the preservation of nature? The easiest way – subscribe to their newsletter and this will count as one tree to plant. Step 2 – choose and book one of their authentic homes. The longer the holiday, the more trees will be planted. Lastly, if you have a beautiful home in the natural world and want to make other people happy with it, list your house on their platform and contribute to nature. 

Their efforts as a sustainable company are certainly appreciated. What else is luring guests to book a holiday with Nature.House? For everyone who is fed by with the usual hotels and packed holiday parks, offers the perfect solution. All accommodation on their platform is situated in nature, away from the crowds and mass tourism. This way you can relax and explore wildlife unbothered by the outside world. From tiny houses and intimate cabins to spacious villas and luxurious bungalows, has it all. 

You will also find special accommodation for glamping holidays – tents, yurts, caravanas, treehouses above the ground and homes on water! And you can choose yourself the natural surroundings – in the mountains or deep in the woods, by the water or in the middle of the fields. Being a Dutch company, their supply in The Netherlands is quite diverse: But you will also find amazing homes in remote places in Italy and France, for example. 

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