Can Avocados Fight Cancer? New Discovery May Help in Leukemia Treatment


New study says compounds found in avocados may eventually provide a route to better leukemia treatment. Dr. Paul Spagnuolo, Department of Food Science says the compound targets an enzyme that experts have recognized for the first time as being critical to cell growth of cancer.  


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Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) 

Recently released in the journal Blood, the study was centered on acute myeloid leukemia (AML), which is the most dangerous type of leukemia.

Many cases happen in people that are more than age 65, and lower than 10 per cent of patients live up to five years after diagnosis. Spagnuolo said leukemia cells have a greater number of an enzyme known as VLCAD which is involved in their metabolism. He said the cell depends on that pathway to live, giving an explanation that the compound is probably a candidate for drug therapy. This is the first time VLCAD has been recognized as a target in any cancer.

His colleagues examined nutraceutical compounds among countless compounds, searching for any substance that might stop the enzyme. Spagnuolo said the best one was surprisingly gotten from avocado. Earlier, his laboratory observed avocatin B – a fat molecule that is seen only in avocados, for future use in the prevention of diabetes and obesity management. Now he’s anxious to witness it used in patients suffering from leukemia.

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The Study

“VLCAD can be a useful marker which can be used in identifying patients fit for this form of therapy. It can also be a marker used in measuring the activity of the drug,” said Spagnuolo. “That gets the surrounding ready for contingent use of this molecule in clinical trials for humans.”

Recently, about half of patients more than 65 identified with AML go into palliative care. Others go through chemotherapy, but drug treatments are dangerous and can end up killing patients. “There’s been a need to discover drugs that are less poisonous and can also be used.” With reference to earlier work making use of avocatin B for diabetes, said Spagnuolo.

He added that they finalized a human study, using this as an oral supplement, and have been capable of showing that measurable amounts are fairly well permitted.


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Persea americana 

Avocado is the fruit, which is scientifically called Persea americana. This fruit is valued for its high nutrient content and is included in different dishes because of its rich texture and good flavor. It is the major constituent in guacamole.

Recently, avocado has become an incredibly well-known food among individuals that are conscious about their health. It’s usually referred to as a superfood, which is not too surprising due to its health properties. There are various types of avocado that differ in color and shape – from pear-shaped to round and green to black. They can also weigh from 220 grams (8 ounces)to 1.4 kg (3 pounds) anywhere. 

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