5 of the Worst Evolutionary Mishaps in the Animal Kingdom


(Photo : Bruce Hong, Unsplash)
Pandas are innocently cute, but their innocence is too much that they don’t actually know how mating works.

The climate changes constantly and in order to survive, a species must adapt. Changing diet, lifestyle, or geographical location were among the common practice. And as they linger longer on these activities, it also changes their bodies and transfers it to their offsprings. This is what we called “evolution“.

Unfortunately, evolution is not always good. Sometimes, it may cause some mistake that gives problems to the successors.

Below are the examples of most annoying evolutionary mistakes.

1. Wisdom tooth is not a smart design

During your late teens to early adulthood, you probably went to the dentist because of growing wisdom teeth that cause massive discomfort. And your dentists probably recommended removing it. Well, it is a common practice because wisdom teeth are considered as vestigial organs, or a remnant from our ancestors that have no actual function to our body. 

Back then, our ancestors have a bigger mouth and enough space where the extra teeth can grow. The third molar is actually used to crack nuts and chew raw, tough meat. But over time, our mouth shrank due to changes in diet, and these teeth lost its purpose.

And now, it has no other purpose but to cause pain and crash our wallet from an expensive tooth extraction.

2. Penis that stuck inside the mate’s vagina

Slugs are hermaphrodites, meaning they have both of the sex organs. And this means they could mate with anyone without the fear of being judged for a homosexual act.

However, the case of banana slugs can be tricky, as their penises could actually be stuck on their mate’s vaginas. And in order to free themselves, they will chew the penis off! Ouch! And no, it does not grow back either. Bigger ouch!

But don’t worry. They can still enjoy their sex lives since their female organ is still working.

3. The baby that smacks down on the ground upon being born

We all know how tall giraffes are. Their long legs can actually grow for as long as five feet. And unfortunately, this long asset does not please the baby giraffes. Their mothers are required to give birth standing up. Imagine being smack down hard five feet of the ground right after being born. That’s a big yikes!

But at least we are sure that the babies are healthy because they start running 10 hours after birth

4. Being clueless of how to mate

Everyone loves panda. Why not? They’re so unbearably (un-bear-ably. Get it?) cute that you want to hug them all the time if possible. 

But here’s one thing that you probably did not know about them: they’re hella dumb, especially in terms of mating. Imagine mating with your mate’s foot, wrist and–hold on your armchair–ear? A male panda at Smithsonian’s National Zoo did that, and nope, it’s not because he has a weird fetish. He is just dumb.

Maybe you know the answer already as to why they’re critically endangered.

5. A tough clitoris that can crush the baby during delivery

A female hyena’s sexual organ is probably the worst and cruellest adaptation ever. It has a clitoris that can extend up to 7 inches. It is so long that it looks like a penis.

Although it is pretty hand for multitasking as it is useful for urination, mating, and giving birth, it is not an ideal birth canal. Its diameter is only at least an inch, and both cubs and the mother can get hurt during the birth process. And in worse cases, the clitoris might suddenly be hard and crush the baby! What a cruel thing nature has done to them!

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