5 Gifts For Those Biggest Strength Is Hating Everyone


We all know that someone who is not a people person or hates people. Sometimes, he or she ends up disliking everyone. If you know folks who do believe that hell is other people, we found the perfect gifts for them.

Here are five gifts you can give to the person in your life who are not a people person.

1. An adjustable wine cupholder for encouraging them to down said vino in a relaxing bath after being *drained* from a long day of unnecessary interactions.


This cupholder is among the portable cupholders in the world that also holds wine glasses. Just attach it to any smooth, nonporous surface for an instant drink butler for your beer or wine vessel of choice or many other household items. It uses the highest quality suction cup available, American made, and rated at seven pounds strength when applied correctly to a non-textured surface.

2. A set of handcrafted bath bombs, because that’ll help them release some steam after a long, long day of teaching their non-techy officemate how to make a screenshot (“just press the two buttons at the SAME TIME!”).


Everyone deserves to satisfy themselves whenever they can get the chance. Most people have turned to use showers now for their bathing needs, as this is quick and easy. Having a long comforting soak in a bathtub, however, could do wonders for helping to relieve stress and for being kind to the skin.

3. A helpful sound button to put classmates or officemates in their place when they try only to do ONE powerpoint slide.


Two exhausted parents invented this button. But “no button” could be used wherever and whenever needed at home, school, work, shopping and more. Can I borrow some funds? No. Can I have a dog? No. Does this item make me look fat? No. May I allow my in-laws to move in? No. Are we there yet? No. This is an excellent gift for all ages – good for decision making. Batteries included.

4. A body pillow, because this’ll give them something better than the real thing – they won’t have to talk to it now or ever.


This body pillow is more than just adorable and comfy. This sturdy and well-crafted pillow won’t fall apart or disintegrate after a few uses. Don’t you or someone you know want to feel the intimate closeness of a man? Just spray a mist of your loved one’s favorite cologne, lay back, dream and let the memories flood in.

5. A cell phone stand that’ll make it easier for them to text you all day with updates about how infuriatingly loud their cubicle mate breathes.


This phone stand would be a game-changer for your home office. Your work phone would always be at the perfect angle to access its functions in and out of a call with this stand; plus, the speaker is more vibrant. The cellphone itself is always accessible in its new, grounded home next to your monitor.

Final thoughts

Your office Secret Santa is arriving soon, and you’re questioning how in the hell you got stuck with someone you just don’t like – or maybe the person who isn’t a people person. But you have to give them a gift. The list above would help you if you’re unsure of what to buy (or regift) the member of the “anti-social club.”

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